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This week, however, the Royal Family got all of us the gift of drama and there’s no gift receipt so it’s not like we can exchange it for something else like… maybe the absence of drama or even a baker boy hat so we can look cute while watching Apocalyptic levels of melt-down on Royal Twitter.On Monday, @Kensington Royal released a creepy Christmas photo of the Cambridges.Or Prince Charles could have paid for it out of the Duchy of Cornwall which means technically taxpayers paid for it in which case every single resident of the UK should get to borrow it at least once.

Tartan carpets and wallpaper remain, with lots of antlers and stuffed animals — shooting trophies dating back to Victoria and Albert — plus Spy cartoons — old- fashioned caricatures from Vanity Fair — lining the corridors.

After the day’s adventures, afternoon tea is served beside a roaring log fire.

Political adviser Jonathan Powell recalls that when he stayed at Balmoral in 2001, he found his invitation to the BBQ suddenly — but discreetly — rescinded after aides learned he had yet to make an honest woman of Sarah, the mother of two of his children. A mild joke is acceptable if it refers to an amusing event during the stay, and the letter should be peppered with Sloaney adjectives such as ‘splendid’ or ‘simply marvellous’.

Meghan could have easily paid for it out of the million or so she earned as an actress.

Prince Harry could have paid for it out of money he has inherited.

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